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February 24, 2011



You know why there are no such things as woman caves? It's because we as women always allow our husbands to be spoiled and we selflessly put ourselves behind them and everyone else. And while we are helping our husbands to get a man cave to unwind and relax and be by himlself so no family member can put any demands on him, let's be truthful, the woman ahould have had a cave hundreds of years ago. We are always doing for others.

Why do we as women not speak up and stand up for ourselves and our needs??

We are such push overs!!

Devine Color

Loved your woman cave! At the time I wrote this article the term "man cave" was just starting to have notoriety.
Maybe we should start calling our places Lady Lairs? :)


I just renovated an area of my house into a woman cave (craft area on the down low) check it out


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