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April 16, 2010


Devine Color

I have lots of great suggestions. Devine Cashew is one of those colors that allows you to coordinate different ideas lots of different ways. Think of pairing Devine Cashew with Devine Shimmer, Feather, or Muslin. Also see how it feels when you place it next to Devine Fescue, Almond, or Glass. Do you have the Trend-Proof Collection?http://www.devinecolor.com/devine/store/index.html?cid=16581&prid=16584 Once you have it in front of you, you lay out the pages and follow our process, the colors will magically pop out of the page showing you so many great possibilities, the fun part will be editing down. It's like a color compass showing you different ways to "get there". http://www.devinecolor.com/devine/discoveryourcolor/HelpChoosingColor.jsp
Let me know what you think!

melissa burke

I have a small home, 58 ranch and have cashew in the front family room. I need to pick a second color for entry, hallway and living area. I want to choose one color , on the light side that "flows" with the cashew color in the front room. I have hard wood red oak floors and plum accentsand dark brown accents. Suggestions?


Sarah: always try to cut the Devine Color formulas in odd increments 1/3, 3/8, ad so on. This way you get the same cool version of the color in the value you are looking for. Devine Manila, Cream, or Mantis will do the trick.Please send us a picture! Would love to see the combo when it's done.

Sarah F.


We love Pistachio but it's a little dark for the kitchen walls. Do you have a suggestion for a lighter version of the same hue? Should we try cutting the formula by 1/3?

Could you also suggest a ceiling shade in the yellow family? We were thinking of Manila.

Thank you very much!


There are no bad creative ideas, but there are better ones :) and there are no bad colors, but there are bad color relationships. Look at the Pebbles & Cream palette page: Devine Shell. See if you can imagine cutting the formula by 1/3. I think lightening this color will take you were you want to go. Because I created (literally) each and every color to coordinate and blend like an artist palette, Devine Shell will hit the right note! What do you think? Do you have our Trend-proof Collection? It is so easy when you can look at all the colors together.


Thanks, g - I appreciate the response.

It's hard for me to tell how the colors will look when covering all the walls. I'm concerned Custard will be yellow and that Vanilla will be green. Those colors look different from each other - how can each be one level up from Whip? Isn't something else changing in the formula? What I'm looking for is the color that is the same hue as Whip (no more green or yellow or red or blue) but darker.

Thanks for the link to the blog on white colors. Unfortunately, it looks like Whip is the darkest white, and I'd like to go darker than Whip on the walls. I'm concerned that Shell is too dark. Do you think it's a bad idea to increase the Whip formula?


Great question about formulas. Colors like Devine Custard and Shell are the next level up from Whip. Think of it this way: On a scale from ONE to TEN, If Whip is a ONE, Custard and Shell are TWO's. The eye has a hard time seeing the between. What about going with a different white hue or ONE like Devine Vanilla? Here is another blog about whites that might help...http://www.devinecolorblog.com/2010/04/our-white-paint-colors.html

When you think of whites do you think cottage, beach, or urban?


If I want to go slightly darker, can I increase the formula? My trim is Whip, and I'd like the walls to be slightly darker. If I ask to have the formula increased by a third, will I get a darker version of the color without mudding up the hue?

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