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April 20, 2010



Becky if you are referring the the beautiful green walls with a creamy lid, that would be the look of Devine Manzanita, Cypress or Fescue in a Devine Muslin, Macadamia or Custard ceiling. Yuhm indeed. This combination can be painted in any room and look just as beautifully fresh.Here is a blog about one of these greens you are going to really enjoy: http://www.devinecolorblog.com/2010/04/searching-for-the-right-green.html
Good painting, send pics or post them on Facebook...


What is the "after" color on the walls and ceiling in the child's room? I love them! Would the colors work for a living room?

Colleen Fleming

Thank you for these great suggestions! I will check them out and make some changes. I feel less stuck with these ideas to play with, and I will let you know what happens!


Devine Coqui mixes well with many wonderful color combinations. Think of building a whole palette based on stripes you love. How about Devine Cocoa, Coqui, Storm, Blush, and Green Tea? Really the sky is the limit. Think of Devine Coqui with Devine Peacock or pairing up with Cafe? Devine Encore is the richer, deeper version...Let me know what you think?

Colleen Fleming

These look great. I have a living room and dining room painted Devine Coqui and am desperately looking for an accent wall color for dining room and a color that complements coqui for the kitchen and the family room (this part of the house is open floor plan). I feel like I may have made a huge mistake with the coqui (it is on the ceilings, too). Any ideas?
What about a blue for the kitchen, or haze and shimmer? Help, please!!!

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