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April 23, 2010



Prisila, great observation! You are correct, the wall color changes are as a result of Photoshop. You also see the natural shadows of the cabinets and brick reflecting on the floor. What you can trust is that regardless of what is reflected on the floor, contrast or POP between wood, art, brick, lighting, and wall colors happens at eye level, not below. The fact that wood floors reflect (not the actual reflections on floors) can affect light, however, hard wood floors are mostly covered by area rugs and furniture.

Imagine these rooms with carpet on the floor. With a none reflective surface like carpet, you still can manipulate contrast and change the room with paint colors to make other colors lighter, therefore making the room seem brighter. Thanks for giving me food for thought and help me explain further this theory.


this theory seems interesting, but i wouldn't trust the photos much, as all you did was photoshop the same photo just adding a different wall colour. this obviously doesn't change the room, and that's clearly visible in the reflections on the floor...how can a dark red wall cast a white reflection on a shiny floor?


this was excellent! thank you! :)

christopher wright

This has got to be the best ex-plain-nation of how to choose colors for your home, with a right before your eyes change!

Thank you

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